About me

Michel Lesjak

Since completing my certification as a licensed fitness trainer with DSSV in 2012, I’ve been living my passion for individually guiding people on their journey to better fitness and health. Over the past years, I have continuously expanded my knowledge to stay up to date and provide the best possible support to my clients.

Every client is at the center of my focus, and I place great importance on tailoring the training precisely to their personal needs. During our initial comprehensive consultation, we discuss goals and methods together to create a customized training plan. If we’re not working with just body weight, I’m happy to bring along the necessary equipment.

Your success is my greatest motivation, and I want to prove to you that fitness and nutrition don’t need rigid rules. Whether it’s about losing weight, changing your diet, or getting rid of pain, I’m here to support you with individually tailored training sessions, and above all, the enjoyment of exercise should not be neglected!

What my clients particularly appreciate about my work is my ability to empathize with various life situations. Whether it’s a demanding job with little time to train, the goal of breaking a personal marathon record, getting back into training after an injury, or the desire to lose a few pounds – as your personal trainer, I accompany you professionally and tailored to your individual needs.

My main focuses are on weight reduction, functional strength training, and sports rehabilitation. So, if you’re looking for a dedicated companion who values not only professionalism but also personal connection, I’m here for you.

I have been offering experience as a personal trainer in the areas of fitness and nutritional counseling since 2017. My main focuses are personal training, nutritional counseling, and sports rehabilitation. Professionalism, reliability, and the satisfaction of my clients always come first for me.

You’ve taken the first step, and I want to support you in that. However, it’s now up to you to achieve your goals, your desires, and your plans. The fact is that unfortunately, 93% of all fitness clients do not achieve them. Take a moment to reflect on what exactly you want to achieve and how much time, motivation, and ambition you are willing to invest.

My clients achieve their goals 95% of the time because they are determined to make a change. My promise is your success! It’s a commitment to support you with all of my knowledge and 100% of my expertise and motivation!

„One must attempt the impossible in order to achieve the possible“ (Hermann Hesse). And now it’s your turn! Reach out, and we’ll go through all the details and further steps during a free personal consultation.